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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  January 12, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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him when he got in his mouth. >> it 63 shots given to a mess since the attack. here's a picture of the armed by the dog and here's a reaction from the animal control investigators which saw the same picture. >> just a few hours ago please let the 10 year-old boy and into the shelter he positively identify the pit bull as the one that bit him. the boy told us you only face the dog on the condition that the dog was inside a cage. >> is on these is a decade ago see it. >> strip of the quarantined process is over what period it that will be 10 days from the date the blight was made monday. the their decisions to make to keep the dog and go to the danger process
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which is that hearing process or do i just haven't euthanize. it sounds like a dog would euthanize by the owner at the end of the quarantined process. >> the dog will remain at the animal shelter during the quarantine period. at cal train conductor has been arrested and accused of trying to last two female passengers. ricardo you see the picture here is accused of using his job of checking passenger tickets to take victims to secluded sections of the train or the alleged inappropriate behavior occurred. if the incident occurred about a month apart, though the victim was a woman and an underage girl. he has been barred from caltrans property. listen concord looking for two men whose debt of 47 year-old woman old when park. you see the sketches of the suspect involved. the victim was sitting alone on a picnic bench with two men who appeared to be homeless approached her to try to rob her about when she refused one of the man's stature multiple times. she is
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expected to survive. investigators instead of their trying to figure out what started out large fire at a medical marijuana this country. will trend shows you the damage. it only took 30 minutes to put out but as you can see the damage is extensive. the fire department believes the fire started on the porch, damaged the front area of this victorian home and then raced through the attic not exactly sure if this call will have to be knocked down. it to conceal the debris that was put out in the front here on the street, the fire department had to do that to make sure that a hot spots throughout they are not sure of their security cameras at this place that they can check to find out if this was in fact arson. as far as the investigation goes it will be handled by two people, by the san jose fire department as well as the police
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department encased this was an arson. reporting from san jose will tran kron 4 news. >> when persons dead after an early morning car accident that closed highway 237 in sunnyvale for more than three hours. it all happen and i went to 37 just east of the lawrence expressway. if to other people were injured in the crash and taken to nearby hospital. new details of the case of a convicted killer, granted clemency by former governor arnold scored snigger. if the former governor has apologized for not telling the victim's family that he was reducing the prison sentence of the man convicted in their son's death. his sentence reduced from 16 to seven years. as the bond newness pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter counts of assault with a deadly weapon. he is the son of thought former assembly member. if the victim's family has been critical of arnold's back chairs and
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accusing him off giving favor to a political ally. >> was never present in the court room syrinx, never heard the evidence he is taking the word about this. i was in court when the estimates on admitted to being part of this crime and that he understood that the possibility of 16 years would be an affect. >> this is a letter sent to the family the victims family said he is considering a victim's right lawsuit. >> a live look at aside from the bay bridge toll plaza. were seeing was the senate skies of the clouds are increasing over the bay rate now. it's been warmer out there today as well temperatures and in the '50s and '60s. it was increasing clouds out there this evening-. it will probably
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wont back up into the weekend. current conditions rose in the '50s but were still laying on to the '60s in hayward, 62 there, 60 los gatos, 55 concord, 57 oakland. overall temperatures drop quite a bit over what we saw yesterday anywhere from 5 to 13 degrees warmer. it 30 degrees warmer in hayward, 12 and lost autos and 12 degrees warmer in livermore. as we head into tomorrow temperatures was bought a bed as the storm pushes and. it's already moving into northern california. the clock approaching the bay area shortly in the overnight hours. will time out on future cast look at your extended forecast coming up in a bit. the first day history museum and america has opened in the castro district of san francisco. the g l b p this is at the opening up the museum today and the grand opening will be on thursday. many artifacts from the society's archives are on display that includes harvey milk's kitchen table.
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on megaphone that no queues to recruit volunteers of voters to support him and his selection for supervisor. >> were finally able to have a museum to shore history. it's our stories educates people. it's an economic engine for the city, gay history is of interest of millions of people around the world. if we are to get media coverage in many publications around the world. it's a benefit to the city its in addition to our cultural landscape. >> the museum is located on a trend street near the castro the admission is $5. i checked on gold gate bridge the right side as traffic headed north bound to recount a the left in san francisco both sides moving well. it will be back rob will be back with more on your money.
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of black is with us again, we've been talking about the stock market pretty good today, what could happen that could turn things around and make it a bad
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stock market? >> to be a situation where we've been giving a lot of credit to china for engineer in the slow down nicely. that could do a trade war with china of them value in their what correctly. same thing with the dollar. there issues that could come a be a pullback is out of control. if a lot of people think massive inflation is right around the corner as oil is gone from $60 a barrel to $90 a barrel if i was still have low cost money. that means that go build a building you and me, let's do something in china you and i. because the demand for oil could go up. there's a shoes there with inflation. >> political balance so many things could get throw look into it. >> the situation that just happened in arizona that may be bad news for republicans at again i'm speaking of schools it will get mad at me, that could be as big a control thing or a bomb but couldn't get a lot of sympathy from america and
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get a fee handles a crackly which she'll be talking about in 20 minutes to the national media. if that could change the election in two years. >> in the real-estate market what we will see that turnaround. ? >> at the end of the year will seat 8.4% of plan it will go under 9. that's too early but will transition from bottomed out it will take a while 2012 but were very close. were closer now the we have been. in some markets are great some markets will never come back like stockton. i see palo alto is starting to fellow. depends on location. >> able mercer getting older and collect social security, you're predicting that cost of cancer is going to go up exponentially. >> we have so much great news the stock market's high i don't want to depress people. baby boomers the cost of cancer is going down attractions starting to be cancer. did there so many people retiring, somebody
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people hitting age 60 the volume of cancer will pick up. the way to play it it's a trend, investment say you're not going to invest in cancer. it names like pfizer and bristol-myers our big drug makers were going to benefit from more more americans popping pills to try and fight off cancer. >> $125 billion in fighting cancer last year? >> it will be $200 billion interest and later. as an investor only so much will go to the drug companies, that's why you want to invest in trends like that. >> i guess that's the reality of the day. it rob is still with us today but will look for him on friday. if will be back after the break with a lot more news.
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year-ago today as 7.0 earthquake rocked 80 the destruction toll in human lives were devastating. as i did what some reports today, sadly many the same problems and troubles persist. >> is morning haitians gathered up what remains of notre dame cathedral to celebrate mass on the somber occasion. one year has now passed since the earth shook port-au-prince. like millions of others, they're still reeling from that terrible day. the earthquake destroyed his home. several months later his wife died of disease to the camp for homeless. michele still lives in one of these camps. the earthquake killed close to a quarter million people. in october disaster struck again in the form of the deadly epidemic of cholera.
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the death toll now more than 30 cities 600 people dead and climbing. foreign governments pledged billions of dollars to help pay the but survivors like michelle said they haven't seen a penny of that help. >> when you're nothing has changed here he says. many people are suffering and we don't know why. for michelle and so many other haitians, this has been at a year of misery. >> sticking a live look on storm tracker 4 its excrete tracking to the northeast. " it clicked with the tail end of it over night tonight. a light rain expected here's a look at future cast and shortly to our morning. i showers in the north bay that's where will continue into the early afternoon. was line dipping down south
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by the 4:00 hour. i get very few showers expected to an end to the evening to our conditions. amateur wise for going to dip a few degrees into tomorrow. the morning temperatures will stay in the '40's, 45 napa, 49 san francisco. and in our temperatures up to the golden gate were very quickly but will still see the '40's in the north bay and also in fairfield. by 3:49 said rosa, 49 napa, 53 san francisco wed 59 san jose. as for tom will look from earlier in the heavenly ski resort was almost as that is guys out there today. increasing clouds there is well as well rain pushes and. tomorrow will be most the rain and snow to the highest peaks because it will be too warm for that snow. friday suddenly, saturday partly cloudy will see warmer whether. in tahoe and locally. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay warming temperatures friday and saturday and sunday will
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keep the low 60s as we head into next week. >> as for and what report to the matchup that sure to drop it crashed tonight. the latest from oracle arena monday ellis the warrior guard who's been out two days because of the float wasn't around this morning and will play against the defending champions los angeles acres and oracle read it tonight at 7:30 p.m. the warriors chose to shoot a round of their downtown practice facility. who will step up, we'll look staff? maybe the big is up front. guys like entrees, david lee will be asked to stop the front line for the lakers that had to seven founders and i got at six but 10 in.. >> a lot of offensive
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rebounds and a lot of blocked shots. it we just got to come out and give a good start. coach said were averaging 17 points in the first quarter sofa and keep that gap in the first quarter would play the rest of the game could carried >> will go back to you and studio. >> a look at traffic in san jose highway 1 01 at the guadalupe overpass the headlights' southbound, no problems north or southbound at this hour. will be back. [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak and succulent lobster dinner at sizzler for just $15.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday.
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time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >> of that rise and offers i phone for beginning february 10th many analysts predicted that tons of current at&t i phone customers will switch over to the bride's and i found. at&t customers were interested in switching over are most likely wondering how much will the cost me? is it worth it? heads up that might be more than you think. not everyone knows
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this back to the summer at&t raised the fee to terminate a contract with the i phone. if you get dry fall after june 1, 2010, it will cost you three to $25 to terminate. the termination fee is pro rated and the word by $10 for each month served in the contract. for example if you've had it for performance that you would only $285. if you could dry fall before june 1, 2010 it will cost $175 to terminate. it that termination fee is pro rated and the work by $5 for each month served in the contract. it can be expensive to bridge contract especially if you drive on after june 1st of last year. over get after pay the termination fee stock to pay for the new rise and i phone for which was such a back to under dollars or $3 depending which model you peck. if he does what she better like it because you will be stuck in a two-year contract with rise and that
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caused you to read and $50 to terminate. if you'd like to know exactly how much it will cost to determine a year at&t contractor found a great online calculator for people to figure out. for direct link to the at&t i phone contract calculator lotta kron 4 newsom look for news links section. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> your words rise and fall for will suffer the same antenna and reception issues that at&t's i phone for did come here's good news. according detect analysts who tested the device it does not seem to suffer the same problem as at&t's phone. the rise and i phone has a different antenna and that in addition to physical changes made to the device seemed to have fixed the problem. during the consumer electronics show next week on new technology was danville which allows people to run and side with the feel of the great outdoors. our internet reporter kimberly joins us with more. >> interesting way to
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exercise pam. a video i found on national, basically panasonic connected dent or track turmoil to the internet it the result is a stationary run that uses google maps to make a few pretty real. the machine is also smart enough to inclined to go up at the appropriate time so matches those hills and valleys. if you chose to run in san francisco on the google map the heels will feel real physically and visually it will go up towards. it's all virtual so you may never need to leave the house again to exercise if you want to get the feel of running outdoors. >> a look inside a traffic this is our walnut creek cam of the 680-24 exchange. northbound is slowing down there, the other side moving well. the golden gate bridge moving well in both directions. kron 4 news at 5:00 is coming up after the directions. kron 4 news at 5:00 is coming up after the break. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool.
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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00. >> this is becoming more and more spontaneous all the time more than signs of life a congresswoman shows signs of love well coming out of heavy drugs a patient. gabrielle gifford and 12 others survived their injuries however, today we remember those were lost in the shooting rampage on saturday. the president and other dignitaries join in honoring their lives. while others work to distance themselves, their those who claim political rhetoric is to blame. for the man charged with the felony. >> live pictures from the university of arizona where a memorial bennett is just getting under way. it is being called together we thrive. tucson and america. president barack obama will speak at the event tonight i will bring you his speech live as soon as he stepped up to the podium. first tonight, newai


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